About Me

It's been decades now since I hold my first camera, a click three model. A lots of transitions happened after that from point & shoot to SLR, and from film to Digital. And still I realized that my passion towards it is same, if not increased. Surely it was a magic for a nine year old that time but it still amazes me the way scene changes when I see it through the aperture. It still inspires me to see how the light can paint such beautiful images. And so I keep creating photographs. Hearing the soft sound of waters flowing in the stream or listening to the pin drop silence near a tranquil lake in the freezing winter is like A Meditation. It is a transcendental experience. No words can explain that feeling. But wait! How about the photographs? That's it. That is what I try to photograph. Sometimes it is a pin drop silence, sometimes it is the feeling of loneliness, sometimes it is just colors of nature. It is up to the viewers to decide if I am even partially successful in that. But I will keep improving myself. I will keep creating photographs and I will keep creating experiences. These are my expressions of the world I see; for me and for all of you.

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